Online shop

- Via a QR code on a poster at the reception, in guests rooms or evelators
- Via a link integrated on your official website
- In the automated email sent to the guests before check-in to upsell tours and activities (only available with integrations)
As soon as we receive the money from the tour provider we add it to your wallet and you can withrdraw the amount you want to your bank account. We usually receive the money the 5th of the month following the tour date.
- Stop working for free and get an instant commission for each tour and activity booked in your online shop.
- Stop working with expensive vendors - we have no set-up fees and our solution is free, we only share commissions.
- Improve your guest experience by offering curated local tours.
- Become the ambassador of the destination by offering the best activities in your area.
- Streamlined process - bookings are made online so you don’t need extra staff.


We deal with support and cancellations directly with the tour provider, the process is transparent for you. We provide a reliable shop with 24 hrs support via WhatsApp and email.